Animal Quiz!

Animals are a beautiful part of nature, coexistence between them, prey, hunters, even individuals who live their day to day without disturbing others.

Animals can have very funny as well as curious behaviors.

There are animals that have never been known due to the habitats where they reside but at some point in history, the tiger and the lion shared the same territory, so it does not sound crazy to say that they never met.

Horses are animals that can help humans in their activities, but although zebras are very similar to horses, they cannot be domesticated. Attempts to tame the zebras have been a complete failure

The amazing thing about animals comes from the size and shape they can be, and if we talk about size, giraffes have the same number of cervical vertebrae as humans, only the giraffe's cervical vertebrae are more than 28 cm long each .

There are animals like lions that impose respect and fear when seeing it, the lion's physique is designed to impose fear on prey and even other lions, in lion fights, the lion's mane plays a very important role in battle, The bigger the mane, the more intimidation it can cause the rival.

If we put our attention on amphibians, there are several species of amphibians that are cute, as there are also amphibians that due to their bright color can indicate that they possess venom and it is better not to approach them, and since we are talking about amphibians there is a species of salamander that It is giant, they can measure up to 1.8m long, this gives it the title of the largest amphibian in the world.

So far we have talked about animals that stand out for their beauty, for their intimidation, for the respect they impose, but there are also animals that are amazing for the intelligence that stand out, in fact, elephants are very intelligent, a behavior has been observed painful after the death of an individual, even the use of tools has been seen

How much do you know about animals? Can you identify everyone we will show you in this quiz? They are common animals! You can!


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To identify a gorilla older than 11 years, just look at the hairs on the back, if it is silver, the gorilla is over 11 years old, if the hair on the back is black, then the gorilla is less than 11 years old.