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Human Brain

The human brain is the most important organ in our human body since it helps us do many things. It allows us to understand everything around us, learn new things, remember and think.

The human brain receives the 20% of the total oxygen from our bodies. In fact, yawning is actually a reaction that sends more oxygen to our brain.

When we talk about retaining valuable information, the brain is a large storage space for that. For example when we remember something very often, we strengthen that memory in our brains, and it tends to stay longer than other memories. However, we can improve our memory by eating seafood, these foods contain fatty acids which improve the memory storing parts of our brain.

The human brain decreases some memory abilities as well as some cognitive skills by our late 20s, and this happens because the brain gets smaller as we get older, and we can not retain much more information.

Our brain has the capacity to solve problems faster than any computer in the world, and probably faster than any computer that will ever exist. It can compute 10 to the 13th and 10 to 16th operations per second. The information transfer in our brain passes at a rate to 260 miles per hour.

Moreover, The brain gets confused when it comes to distinguishing the difference between strong happiness and strong sadness, that is why we cry when we are super happy.

Also, it is a working machine even when we are sleeping, for instance when we sleep in a new environment for the first time, our brain processes danger and can remain half-awake in order to be more aware in this new situation.

As we could see, the brain has many interestings facts that we may not be aware of, and it is the most complicated part of our body as well.

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