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The Peripheral Vision

The peripheral vision is the ability to see things and movements outside of the direct line of vision. It is actually a safety issue because it allows us to see objects coming from a different side and we can prevent side impact crashes, this means that we do not have to move our heads in order to see something, many animals lack of this amazing ability.

One way to improve our peripherical vision is playing video games, even though some people claim that video games are a waste of time, they can be good for your vision. In video games, you actually use more your peripherical vision rather than your central vision, because the objects come from the side of the screen, and of course if you want to be a good player you have to have good peripherical vision.

Some sports also help with the improvement of peripherical vision, because you have to be aware of what is happening around you. Basketball is one sport that requires this ability because there is too much activity happening simultaneously and keeping your eye on the ball is really hard in that situation. Soccer is another sport that uses peripherical vision, it is important for not only passing the ball but also knowing where the ball is.

It is said that when it comes to meditation, peripherical vision can be used as well. Some people meditate with their eyes wide open and they only concentrate vision on the sides with deep breathing, coordinating that.

The human eye is an extraordinary tool made by nature which allows us to see the world in different ways. With peripherical vision sports and video games become more interesting, and we use this ability so often that we may not be aware of it

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A reticulated python can measure up to 5 times the size of a human being one of the largest reptiles in the world next to the anaconda.