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Aerodynamics on supercars

Aerodynamics is important when we talk about supercars, it allows vehicles to reach high speeds with minimal air resistance, but what is aerodynamics? And how is it applied in a supercar like Ferrari?

Aerodynamics studies the relative movement of a solid body and a fluid that bathes it (surrounds it), by fluid we understand that it can be a liquid or a gas, but in this case, it has to be a gas. If we wanted to study the behavior of a fluid that is liquid then we would be talking about hydrodynamics, but we will focus on aerodynamics. Aerodynamics starts from fluid mechanics.

How does aerodynamics work in cars? Basically, when a car starts to move what it really does is displace the air in front of it. The shape of the car will be key in how much resistance the air puts on being displaced by the moving car.

So if we have a square vehicle, it can be very optimal in terms of space and interior comfort, but it is very bad in aerodynamics, since the front is going to be too wide and high, so it will need more power to displace the air.

For a car to have good aerodynamics and comfort, an intermediate point must be found between each one of them.

Supercars have engineers working all the time improving the aerodynamics of their cars.

Do supercars offer a lot of air resistance?
The answer is no, due to the design and work of the supercars they offer little resistance to air, how do they do it? Because making a laminar flow of air around the car, in other words, the air slides orderly around the vehicle and consequently the vehicle offers little resistance to air.
Important fact: While the vehicle is closer to the ground, the laminar air flow will be less

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The tires of a supercar should be checked more frequently than those of a normal car