Flags Quiz: America


The American continent has gone through many things, of which several events can be highlighted that are recorded and leave their mark on the history of the world.

The great civilizations that lived on the American continent left structures that some are considered wonders of the world. For example, the Inca empire that is considered the largest in pre-Columbian America, the Inca empire was founded by Manco Capac, founded in approximately 1200 AD and ended by the Spanish in 1532.

Another well-known empire worldwide and that stands out in the American continent is the Aztec empire, leaving impressive structures that today are of a tourist nature.

The Aztec empire founded its first city called Tenochtitlan, which today is Mexico City

With all this it is also important to say that the Vikings were the first to reach the American continent, they called it VinLand establishing a small town in Canada.

The arrival of Europeans to the American continent brought with it diseases that were fatal to its inhabitants, such as smallpox, yellow fever and others.

The inhabitants did not have adequate defenses for this type of disease and it is estimated that 95% of the population died from one of these diseases in a period of 150 years.

In the year 1492, Christopher Columbus made his trip from Europe to the American continent which he documented.

It should be noted that not all attempts to colonize the entire American continent were successful.

After all these events, the American continent achieved its stability, with libertarian cries, marches, civil wars, but achieving independent countries.

The American continent is divided into 3 parts: North America Central America South America Currently the American continent is politically divided into 35 countries.

Each country has its own currency (some use the US dollar), its laws, its shields and its flags.

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