Flowers Quiz


Flowers are well-known for their unique beauty and enticing scents. They create a beautiful view in nature which is enjoyable to see. They have always been admired and used by humans to make a pleasant environment to stay.

Also these wonderful flowers have incredibles characteristics that many of us probably did not know.

Back in the 17th Century Holland, people used to treat Tulip bulbs as a form of currency, because they were so expensive that even they were once more valuable than gold. Tulips simbolized life, love and immortality even though their lifespan is so short, being only 4 to 7 days.

Flowering is developed in some species of bamboo, but flowers of bamboo are difficult to find, because bamboo develop flowers after 65 or 120 years, and what is really amazing is that every plant of one bamboo species develop flowers at the same, and it does not matter where they are located.

Daisies are the most beautiful flower that we can see in this big world, these flowers are native to north and central Europe. They are most well-known by their white petals and yellow center, even though these flowers can also have a pink or a rose color. It symbolizes innoncence, purity and new beginnings as well. The Daisy flower always open at dawn and it is usualy visited by many small insects.

Roses are the most popular flowers in the world because of its variety in terms of color, size and fragance. This rose is mainly a symbol of love, and this is why is one of the most recognized flowers all over the world.

If we talk about the world's largest flower, the Titan Arum is by far the winner. It is really large that even the circumference of their flowers can be over three metres. But due to its smell of rotten flesh (which is so horrible), it is also called as corpse flower.

There are many flowers all over the world, they are beautiful and attractive to look at, there are flowers that most people know, can you guess the name of the flowers that we will present to you in this quiz?


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As the day progresses, the sunflower rotates following sunlight, the ancient communities considered it a sacred plant