Fruit Quiz: Hard

Little Known Fruits

Fruits are a great source of essential vitamins and minerals, they come packaged with innumerable health benefits.This is why fruits should be an important part of our daily diet, because they keep us healthy and we can be protected against some diseases.

A fruit is the sweet and edible part of a plant that generally contains seeds. Fruits are usually eaten raw, however some of them can be cooked. There is a huge variety of fruits, they come in different colours, flavours and shapes.

Most of the people's favorite fruits are apples and bananas. However, there are plenty of fruits as delicious and beneficial as apples and bananas, and probably they have not been tasted by everyone yet.

The achachair˙ or also known as achacha is a fruit that is egg-shaped and it only grows in the central area of Bolivia. Its taste is bitter and sweet, some people would say it is similar to the taste of the lemonade. This fruit can be split open with a knife or even with the teeth. It has recently been planted in Australia as well.

Acerola is a fruit native to South America, southern Mexico and central america. It is a small round fruit that contains vitamins A, B1, B2 and B3. It is also extremely rich in vitamin C. Acerola only grows in dry and sandy soils, and also full sun, because it can not stand temperaturas lower than -1 C. This fruit is edible, but it is usually used to make juices, pulps and baby foods as well.

Every fruit makes a positive impact on our body with health benefits that can lead us to have a better life. For example the compounds that these fruits have improve our vascular function, reducing inflammation and also improving blood flow.

There are fruits that are well known in the world, but do you know the fruits that we will present to you in this quiz? They are fruits that very few know, even that very few have eaten. Test your knowledge about fruits with this Quiz


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A tree of copoaz˙ or white cocoa that is older than 8 years is capable of producing up to 70 fruits!