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The mathematics is impressive and we do not say it because of the complex equations and results that can be obtained with it. We refer to the contribution it has made to the world, from buildings that may be unthinkable to build in antiquity to electric cars that make use of the torque generated by electricity.

Mathematics has always been used, what's more, there was a woman considered the first to teach mathematics, her name was Hypatia, around 355-415 a. C. It is known that he worked closely with Father Theon. Theon was a famous mathematician from Alexandria.

With mathematics you can solve very complex problems and puzzles, in fact, the "Fermat's Last Theorem" is a complicated puzzle that Sophie Germain, a pioneer in mathematics and science, worked on. Sophie Germain was the first woman to receive an award from the Paris Academy of Sciences, this was funny to the elasticity theory.

They can also go hand in hand with algorithms. Charles Babbage called Ada la Lovelace "the sorceress of numbers," who was the first to design an algorithm designed exclusively to play a machine.

The typical things that we are taught in school are the following things: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. Then we enter the exponents, use of parentheses, priority of signs, multiplication of signs and many other things.

The results of different equations caused letters to be used to represent something in mathematics, this was after the 16th century, as well as equations that can be represented in another way, for example, the square root of a number equals that number raised to 1/2.

With mathematics you can get very curious things such as if you find yourself in a room with at least 25 people, there may be one that has the same birthday as yours.

Are you ready to test your math skills to the max? This 20 question quiz will start easy, but be aware that the difficulty level will intensify as you progress. From simple additions, subtractions and times tables to conundrums which will have you scratching your head and questioning your place in the universe, this quiz has it all. Are you ready to begin?


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This is a very curious thing, if you have 23 people in a room, there is a 50% chance that people have the same birthday